Thursday, January 31, 2008

Camors Forest

Camors Forest
Oil on Canvas
120cm x 90cm or 47in x 34in.

I am packing and sorting, saying goodbye to a stage of our lives. Whenever this happens, I find myself distilling places and moments, trying to capture and save them like drops of precious water, like perfume. Then, one day, in another place, I can pull the stopper and, for the briefest of moments, inhale a memory, rekindle a place.
So this is a painting that I did last year, I was going to sell it but not now, this one is mine, because to me this holds some of the essence of my time spent living in Brittany. During the next few days of upheaval, boxes and too much coffee I shall post a few pieces that, for me, say Brittany, France.


Suzanne said...

The painting is precious as is your text. I hate that you have to pick up and go in such short order, and at this time of year. I'm glad that you're keeping this piece. It's exceptional, like the network of branches.

Katherine said...

Great idea Sarah - and this is a really wonderful painting. I am sure it'll bring joy to you and your husband for many years to come.

doudy said...

Its simply AMAZING WOW..... :)

catnapping said...

I like the way you see light. Gorgeous work.