Friday, January 11, 2008

Music Night

A little departure from the normal format. Last night I enjoyed a fantastic evening of music at Le Brasses du Bengale one of the people playing was Dave Pegg who used to play with Fairport Convention and Jethro Tull. I had to draw like mad because my boy Dan, who is a great guitarist, includes Mr Pegg in his list of influences, also I love to spend my time like, music and sketchbooks.
Also playing was Brian Mccombe with his ullian pipes, I have painted him before and am usually close to tears when he sings. There is one song in particular that talks about being far from home and it appeals to my need to enjoy missing people and places. Then there was a very funny song smith called Alistair and a Breton bagpipe (or biniou) player who's name was Gil, I think. Actually, as far as sketches go I think the one of Gil is the best.

I shall be working some of these up into paintings in the next couple of weeks but for now if you want to see all of the sketches that I did last night without any commentary visit the Muddy Red Sketchbook or if my waffling on appeals to you visit Muddy Red Shoes.


Anonymous said...

My husband is a HUGE fan of Fairport Convention so he'll be very envious! We used to go to the Cropedy Festival every year until I decided I'd had enough of 'roughing it'. (I'm not a natural camper you see):)

Katherine said...

My goodness - how many years is it since I heard the name 'Dave Pegg'?

Great sketches Sarah.

Anita said...

An atmospheric and interesting summary of your evening, a joy to view!