Saturday, January 05, 2008

London Skyline


London Skyline

35cm x 45cm. 14in x 18in.
A cold afternoon over London, already the evening is approaching bringing more rain. The light is that which throws everything into such clarity that it is almost painful. This is the view from the National Portrait Gallery restaurant, a long line of big glass windows affords a view of the city that seems as if it has been set there just for the diners pleasure, like a vast living mural made up of a million shades of gray and brown with tiny specks of oxidized copper green, a little dusky pink and some warm yellow ochre.
I was going to wait a bit and put out these bigger works later but I am an impatient person so here it is for you to enjoy this weekend...January can be a bit grim so I am throwing myself headfirst into lots of work from my England trip, fire lit, music on, warm studio, lots of sketches, a big pile of blank canvasses and blocks of watercolour paper. Infact, at the moment January is looking fine!

This painting is for sale:175 pounds (UK) 345 dollars (USA) and 234 euros (Europe).

This includes the postage.


David said...
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David said...

Bonjour et bonne année artistique... Sublime picture! Is that Doctor Who's tardis up in the top right hand corner? Cheers

Anonymous said...

There's something about rooftops that I find compelling. This painting is lovely, the colours perfect and such detail!

Suzanne said...

Hi Sarah! When you first posted this, I thought what an interesting departure and what is it that this painting makes me think of? I couldn't quite grasp it but apparently, the question was percolating on a back burner. This morning, I thought of this painting and saw it as the backdrop of a theatre piece. I can see it that large - it's so evocative. In fact, I'll bet that someone could write a very cool play to the fore of this background scene.

Suzanne said...

Because interesting is such a funny word, I wanted to clarify that I think this painting combines your mastery of watercolor with your illustration skills. Finally, it strikes me as an almost seascape approach to the skyline. Well, that's my three cents (pence?). Hope you're feeling well and enjoying home life.