Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Piccadilly Morning

Piccadilly Morning
25.5cm x 20.5cm. 10in x 8in.
Oil on canvas board.

Climbing up from Piccadilly tube station into such glorious light and fresh, cold air. A bright sunshiny day, winter, fresh and bright and my favorite light effect…backlighting.
I am doing several paintings around this theme, this one is in oils and now I shall attempt one in watercolour, it should be interesting to see the difference.
Also, if you are a tree lover then take a look at the other blog Muddy Red Shoes for a slide show of all of my tree paintings, well a lot of them anyway.


Sandy said...

How LOVELY I have to admit the backlighting is amazing and dramatic.

Anonymous said...

An excellent painting, full of atmosphere and I like the way the pavement looks like a mosaic pattern.