Sunday, February 03, 2008

Camors Forest 2

Camors Forest 2
Oil on Canvas
120cm x 90cm or 47in x 34in.

The second of my big paintings of the lovely Camors Forest. This is just above a place that we call the “Magic Well”, where cold clear spring water gushes out of the ground. People come from far away to fill up bottles and barrels with this water of life. I collect it to paint watercolours with; I shall even be taking a big flask of it back to England with me!


Katherine said...

Hi Sarah. These paintings make a great 'pair' - they have a real magical quality about them. Now we know the secret!

As you already know, you are the featured artist on "who's made a mark this week?" - which I've just posted.

Catherine said...

Hello Sarah. I wish to congratulate you for your excellent work and your different blogs which all are very interesting !
I also wish you a good way to the UK.

Catherine, a Belgian artist.

doudy said...

I love this painting, especially the light forms on the rocks, Great work!!