Tuesday, February 12, 2008

First Light.

First Light.
19cm x 25 cm. 7.5in x 10in.

Standing at my window, perched above this new world I watch, with a sense of detached curiosity, as the city comes to life after only a few hours of sleep. The first light of a new day plays on the roofs and walls, softening and smoothing with a blue wash, a kind hand soothing away troubles.

This painting is for sale:
100 pounds (UK) 195 dollars (USA).
This includes the postage.


Julie at Virtual Voyage said...

Lovely atmospheric sketch - just thinking about taking up oils again, and found you through yellow.

Hope you settle in well.

Julie at Virtual Voyage said...

PS....just picked up on your bio.
Son2 is currently doing his finals at Falmouth.

Agnes said...

Hooray, you're back in action! This is beautiful. It has a lovely mood.

Katherine said...

Great to see you back painting - and so nice to see a morning painting of early light and the new view.

It's my favourite time of day and I love that violet!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful view and such lovely colours you've used. You don't waste time do you! :)

Suzanne said...

So happy to see your new work!

Werner said...

Absolutely lovely light!

Rima said...

Wow I love this Sarah :)

rob ijbema said...

excellent painting of a great view,
Sarah,let's hope this is the start of a wonderful new adventure!
Bristol!hey if you ever pop over the border in Wales,let me know,
we are only an hour away!

Alessandro said...

Really beautiful watercolors. love the atmosphere.
I'm also running a blog about my watercolors, can we exchange link?

Anonymous said...

My favorite of yours so far. The color and light is stunning!

Jane Walker said...

Totally fabulous - bravo!