Friday, March 14, 2008

Helford River, Spring Tide.

Helford River, Spring Tide.
Oil on wood
20.5cm x 25.5cm.

Cornish lanes are like topless tunnels; high hedges each side with a band of sky above. Gorse, bracken and wild honeysuckle punctuate the edges of the sky. Every now and then a gateway reveals incredible views, like secret flashes, breathtaking views of fields and river creeks appear. Soft edges of woodland folding down to the riverbanks their winter twiggy fingers about to burst with the bright cloak of spring. The low tides reveal the channels and marks on the estuary mud like the hieroglyphics of a strange language.


Werner said...

Hi Sarah, you seem to be in excellent form!

David said...

Salut Sarah. Lovely picture. Makes me homesick! Did you get my mail? Hope everything is well for you, Cheers.

Katherine Tyrrell said...

This is so striking Sarah. You should do it again and BIG!

Jane Walker said...

ooooh great - I love this -finally caught up..