Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spring Lambs

Spring Lambs and Fluffy Clouds

Looking out towards Mounts Bay on a fine spring morning. Sheep softly grazing while the clouds skim the landscape with shadows, making the fields dance in different greens.

Sketchbook Watercolours
These are available as prints. They are reproduced on archival digital watercolour paper.
The paper is A4 size (11 in x 8in) and there is a border around the printed image of about 4cm or 1.5in, this measurement may vary according to the paintings format.
They cost $20. Or £10. Postage and packing is included.
Please email me if you would like to buy one.

Notice to anyone who is listening, due to the complexities of my little life right now I am going to stop posting on Muddy Red Sketchbook, the sketches will be here or over on Muddy Red Shoes.

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Suzanne said...

I'm listening and am glad to see your sketch here. This is a really interesting development about you posting your sketches over here. I am planning to take a week or ten days off posting during which time (amongst other things) I am considering simplifying my blogging life. I think that I originally followed your lead with having a separate sketchbook and it served me well when I was doing daily watercolor studies (and I'll keep it for future use) but now I'm more interested in posting on one blog although I'm not sure how that will work with my current set up. Not wanting to blab all about me all over your commentary, I'll sign off by saying that I'm happy to see your views and the lambies!