Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Red Buoy at Durgan

Red Buoy at Durgan
Oil on Wood
26cm x 24cm or 10in x 9in

Diamond light shining off the small waves breaks through the trees above the beach at Durgan, a red buoy bobs gently on the water.


Yellow said...

You know, if you sliced off the rocks at the bottom, this would make a weird abstract painting.

vivien said...

this is lovely - the light on the water is just perfect and the tracery of trees, looking down towards the water reminds me of the walks around King Harry's Reach.

isabel said...

This is realy beautiful. Wonderful colour and shimmering water.

Katherine Tyrrell said...

Lovely - really effective!

Dane said...

Quite beautiful you know, like a stained glass window