Friday, June 20, 2008

Evening Cows

Evening Cows.
Golden in the dying sunlight, cows wander slowly across the field, behind them the sky looms ominous and dark, full of summer rain.


These are available as prints. They are reproduced on archival digital watercolour paper. The paper is A4 size (11 in x 8in) and there is a border around the printed image of about 4cm or 1.5in, this measurement may vary according to the paintings format. They cost $20. Or £10. Postage and packing is included. Please email me if you would like to buy one.


Kenny said...

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Kenny Surtani

Austin Maloney said...

You do great work. I love your watercolor sketches. Would you be interested in exchanging links? My blog is:

My email is:

Anonymous said...

what brand and size of sketchbook do you use ?

Anita Davies said...

Amazing sky!