Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Summer Lane.

Summer Lane.

Oil on canvas

30cm x 30cm. Or 12in x 12in

Plunge down the lane into the village of Manaccan. It is fat with cow parsley, hawthorn and buttercups. Here and there great towers of foxgloves bloom and in the evenings the intoxication scent of honeysuckle fills the air. The trees wear their new bright leaves with all the verve of a bridegroom, spruced up and looking very fine. It is the hustle and bustle of early summer.


The Artist said...

I love this composition, Sarah..the fan shape of the tree is like a lace umbrella and the lane just draws you right in...must have been lovely to be there!

Katherine Tyrrell said...

That's really pretty Sarah - lovely subject, lovely painting