Sunday, July 20, 2008

sketchbook, watercolour.

At last, some drawings!  This was on my birthday, a week ago.  We went to visit the beach where I spent my childhood summers.  This is Polridmouth, the beach at the edge of the Menabilly Estate, the home of Daphne du-Maurier and the setting for "Rebecca."  In fact this little outcrop of rocks is the left hand side of the bay that is the place where "Rebecca's" boat was lost.


Suzanne said...

Happy Birthday, Sarah! I can't think of a better spot to spend your birthday then the beach of your childhood summers. I just left an award for you at Landscape into Art (be sure to read the caveat at bottom!)

Katherine Tyrrell said...

Belated Happy Birthday Sarah.

Wow, when does Laurence Oliver put in an appearance? Just think he must have walked on that beach too............