Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Footpath

The Footpath
Oil on canvas board
10 x 8 in or 25,4 x 20.7cm

I am becoming obsessed with this footpath.  I love its secret way, the feeling of something faery, ancient magic dwelling on this very old route.  We have had a bad summer weather wise, leaves are strewn about after a storm and water glistens on the trees, throwing back the light like a petulant sprite.

This is for sale for £100 or $200, post and packing included, please email me if you are interested.


David said...

A waterfall of colours!

vivien said...

superb! you catch those lovely south Cornish paths so well - the light , atmosphere and yes that mystery :>)

the light .... special because of the water and creeks and reflected light???? I don't know but they are very special

Dar Presto said...

I am thoroughly enjoying your blog. Words and images equally evocative, your work is a treasure.