Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Falmouth Prince of Wales Pier

Falmouth Prince of Wales Pier

New moleskine sketchbook, always exciting and ever so slightly daunting, after all you don't want to mess up on the first page.  So like a prise idiot I happened to be in Falmouth when the "urge" struck and so I had to go for it...quite a complex scene but I think it worked, especially the distant hills, click on the picture to see them!
Anyway Falmouth, great place, I went to art school here, many many years ago.  I worked in a stinky little cafe on this very pier, called the "Koffee Kup", frying chips and providing disgusting drinks which called themselves coffee, it was the 70's, my paint water would have passed as coffee then!

I have decided to leave the very lovely group of daily painters that I have been a member of. For no other reason than I don't really feel that I am painting daily enough.  I want to spend more time on studies towards larger pieces.  I really enjoyed being in the group, I think they are all very worthwhile artists and was very proud to be associated with them, the caliber is high and I shall be keeping in contact with them but it is time for me to venture out into the wilderness , alone!  Alone with my trusty moleskine and my dog...lets see what happens...


Suzanne McDermott said...

Well done. The time and effort on the detail is obvious but I love the sky - it really worked itself out beautifully.

Bravo for getting back to your own thing and how nice that you can bring your doggie along. I just read a relevant note by Robert Genn called "Breaking up is hard to do" on that very subject. I'm not much of a group joiner, myself, and your work is so wonderfully unique that I'll be happy to watch you develop through this new chapter.


A Brush with Color said...

Ooooh--a great start to a new moleskine! Wonderful!

Alessandro Andreuccetti said...

Hi Muddy, just to explain my admiration for this piece of sketchbook: beautiful colors and great design. Love it and all others works.