Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Yellow Buoys

Yellow Buoys
Oil on canvas board
10 x 8 in 0r 25.4 x 20.3 cm

I have been out painting en plein air, the plein air that I was in was so still and softly purple grey that I was lulled into a bucolic dreamlike state, painting in a trance, ignoring the dog. After many hours, watching the tides rise and fall, listening to the silent river,  I trudged home, covered in paint and cold but happy.  
Then my camera broke so I had to use the lesser camera to take a picture of my efforts.  
Then the weather changed into a big blowzy, wind-blown, sun-filled autumn day.  
Now my paintings feel as if they are in the wrong place, so forgive me.  The photograph of this painting and the next few offerings is woeful, the mood for me, now is out of kilter.  I am a creature of changeability, like a barometer.  I shall have to go out again, to be buffeted by the sun and wind and paint a different sort of day.

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