Sunday, October 19, 2008

Full Moon

Full Moon

I love trying to paint at night.  I like the way your eyes adjust to the light and different places show their colours as you look at them.  I also love the quietness, how the sounds of the night become so sharp.  This is in my tiny garden behind my house, it is just about 4am. a toad hops slowly across the gravel, owls hoot and far away a dog barks.  Ha...I can hear someone snoring!


rob ijbema said...

what are you doing up at 4 am sarah?
oh i see...painting one of your wonderful pictures!
this last full moon was amazing wasn't it!?
nicely capptured!

Alexandre Jay said...

Wow, love this painting. It has a wondrous atmosphere to it, but then again, I'm always a sucker for the moon.

French Fancy said...

Hi Sarah, Is there a problem with your regular blog - the non-painting one? Want to put a link to it on my new layout and it just seems to have disappeared (or is it me?)

Glad things are going well for you


Arty Velarde said...

You're work is beautiful!
I became a follower today..

Terry Banderas said...

This is a beautiful piece of work. What a nice job of giving realness to a night scene.

simon said...

wow wow wow!

I have not been here or a while and the paintings have taken on a different "feel"

I think I am going to buy another one!!

Tokya said...

I would like to use "Muddy Cup" in an email with a link back to your web site. I don't know how to email you directly (can't find a way to email or call you from your web site - I wonder how to even order if I were interested).

I started an organic food company in Poland called Symbio (, and purchased these cups in Krakow back in 1994. I would love to use the image for my customers, farmers, suppliers for a Holiday Card (email version). Will this be OK?

Tokya Dammod