Saturday, December 06, 2008

Rain, Field and Farm

Rain, Field and Farm.
12 cm x 40 cm or 5 in x 16 in
(another of my pesky panoramas, click on the picture for more of a look)

I adore winter skies with its beautiful colours and rain being back lit by a reluctant sun.  I always feel that there is more sky in the the leaves really take up that much room!
I sat in my little car to do this, the rain hammering on the canvas roof one moment then bright light the next.  The sea turned from steely grey to deep blue by the minute and huge clouds gathered, billowing up and over the landscape.  All the while the little farm on the hill looked on, impassive underneath all the drama.


Wiele said...

I have been looking through your sketchbook. thanks for making it public :-)
surprising views i have seen. Keep growing like this!

Katherine Tyrrell said...

That's a great sketch Sarah. Watercolour is so good for painting rain! ;)

Anonymous said...

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annie said...

Yes, an approaching storm can be such a drama to watch unfolding when one has big skies and space by the sea. Your "Rain being back lit by a reluctant sun" is so evocative, Sarah...these unfolding moments are captured into one beautiful painting.

A Brush with Color said...

Love this! So evocative and lovely.