Friday, December 05, 2008

Walking in Winter

Waling In Winter
8cm x 13cm or 3.5in x 5in

Just out walking along the cliff path.  There is a couple down on the shore, he holds her bag while she paddles in the shallow water.  Winter light on the still sea.


Katherine Tyrrell said...

Great silhouettes - it's so difficult to get those right and make them convincing but you seem to have a knack.

Maybe a missing 'k' in the title? Although "waling" in winter seems entirely appropriate if it was a bit nippy!

muddy red shoes said...

Ha ha ha...Im going to leave it like that!

Carol C said...

I love this painting!!! Simple but it communicates so much, the cold walk on the almost deserted winter beach.....Beautiful!

annie said...

I love it-- he MAY be wailing while standing in the cold but he is very kindly holding her bag so that she can enjoy wading. Now THAT's love.
Charming sketch.