Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Avec Maman

Avec Maman
Tiny Moleskine Sketchbook.
Watercolour and Pen
13 cm x 8.3 cm or 5 in x 3 in

I went to Falmouth today to deliver some paintings to the gallery.  It was cold but bright and sunny so on the way home we went via Durgan and I did some little sketches.  Some of these may go towards some paintings of figures on the beach, not sure yet, will just wait and see.
Anyway this tiny person, all wrapped up against the cold and in the safe hands of her Mum was walking on the beach.  I like the way a pose can say so much, that steadying hand, the haven from which to explore the vastness of the world.


Jane Walker said...

Funny how the back view of this little duo can communicate so much - I love these sketch book capturings.. hope you are surviving the great freeze..

annie said...

This is charming, Sarah. You and Jane are right-- so much can be communicated and inferred from this scene.