Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Low Tide, Kennack

Low Tide, Kennack.
Oil on board, 
15 cm x 36 cm or 6 in x 14.2 in

Here it is, the center panel for the first of my triptych series.  Below you can see how it will look together with the two side panels.  Painting water is fascinating, so many colours, different types of movement and different surfaces, quite a challenge and very meditative.
This day, down at Kennack sands the tide was very low, I am not sure if it was a spring tide but it may well have been.  The waves were loud, the kind of booming that travels through you, thudding in your rib cage like a powerful heart beat. The air filled with that smell of iodine and richly ionised, very restorative.
Low Tide, Kennack Triptych


Linda said...

Absolutely beautiful - and your description did it for me! The writing and the painting together were like an Opera - both evocative and inspiring. I am there. Thank you:-)) x

Son of Incogneato said...

Very nice. Something special about water.
Many nice pieces on your blog and loads of interesting info.


Anonymous said...

fells like Im back at home already....

Jane Walker said...

Fabulous - you are really immersed in this subject..