Saturday, January 24, 2009

Walk With Me

Walk With Me.
Watercolour and Pen

Do you want to come for a walk?  Lets go down to Kennack, the tide is low and we can walk along the sand.  It is cold so bring a coat but the sun is shining, low in the sky, lets walk towards the sun.  Listen to the surf, booming and taste the salt on your lips.  Breathe deeply, you can smell the air, so clean, so full of iodine and life, breathe it in.  There is no one here, just some footprints and see how the mica glistens in the sand.  You go and explore, I shall sit here on the rocks and draw.  The winter sun has warmed the smooth, dark red serpentine, it is quite comfortable.  Don't be long though, there are dark clouds coming, rain soon.  We shall go home and have fresh coffee, shall I make a cake?


Jeanette said...

I'd love to take that walk with you. Its a beautiful place and a lovely painting.

Cathy Gatland said...

That sounds wonderful - though I'd prefer to watch you paint than go and explore right now!

Michael said...

Ah, that was very refreshing. A lot different than the -26C weather we've been experiencing here in the Ottawa-Gatineau (Canada) region. Of course, watercolour plein air painting is out of the question here right now ... maybe after another month.
I like the very wide panorama that your moleskine permits you to compose. Your colours and the liveliness of the scene are very well executed ... it feels like just taking a walk on the beach. (By the way, where is this exactly?)
Thanks, Michael

Werner said...

I like the painting and your words -
oh, a cake would be fine, I wouldn't say no!