Monday, February 16, 2009

Sky, Sky, Sky and Daffodils

Sky, Sky, Sky and Daffodils.
Watercolour & Pen
Tiny Moleskine sketchbook

The Daffodil fields are being worked, the yellow heads of these lovely heralds of spring and dotting the somber winter landscape. Hunched figures in the fields, like a medieval book of hours, pick and bunch them by hand. It is terrible work, cold, badly paid, miserable. Twenty six years ago I did a daffodil season. Yesterday I found the little sketchbook that I kept, you can see the miserable record of a daffodil girl on this slide show. Also you can see how valuable sketchbooks are. No photograph would have remembered the slavery of fieldworkers in quite the same way, the sketchbook cost me 25p and for a weeks backbreaking work I got £33.98p and at the end of it all I painted a large painting called "Remembering Thomas Tallis in the Daffodil Fields" I have no idea where the title came from unless I spent my time humming Miserere Nostri, under grey skies, to go with the medieval atmosphere!


shicat said...

Great slide show beautiful prose...
Sad but true I never think of the labor that goes into picking any crop. We are too far removed from all of this ,I suppose. My friends son did this sort of work one summer in Canada, it was grueling.

Art with Liz said...

Fantastic watercolour and the story that goes with it - always nice to have a bit of background with a painting, even if it is a bit sad.