Monday, March 09, 2009

A Sunday Outing

A Sunday Outing
Watercolour and Pen
Moleskine Sketchbook

This should be called "There are no dry clothes in the car Jim!" as that is what she was shouting at him as the child got soaked.  
I love people watching on the beach, after a long winter there are more family's going to the beach for a Sunday outing.  They are still bundled up against the cold but spring is on the way, hooray!


Sandy said...

Terrific sparkle and depth here, having just returned from the Caribbean I stopped to gaze for quite a while ;)

Anita Davies said...

Great sketch and memory

LSaeta said...

What a lovely work of art you have! I am very impressed and see that we like a lot of the same artists! Glad I found you.

Pat said...

Great feel to this painting. I love the format, colors and atmosphere. I would have this sitting out all the time just to live with this captured moment.