Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Helford River Under a Big Sky

Helford River Under a Big Sky
Large Moleskine sketchbook
21cm x 60cm or 8in x 24in

The maiden voyage of my new boat yesterday and a new large Moleskine, inspiring!
We sailed out of our little creek, round Dennis Head to the mouth of the Helford River.
To see more of the boat visit Watermarks.
The sky seemed so big out at sea, great banks of cloud looming up over the land and the sea was big too, and blue. I am not too sure about weather systems, maybe these big clouds have rain in them because today has been wet, grey and windy.
I have just come back from gig rowing, in the grey rainy wind. It was fabulous but I got soaked as Coco the art hound decided that she didn't want to stay on the beach and swam out to the fast disappearing boat. She, not the smallest of dogs, had to be hauled aboard, where she sat wet but happy while I rowed. I was a bit embarrassed to have such a foolish dog but secretly pleased by her loyalty to her mistress!

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annie said...

I went over and left a comment on WATEREMARKS, and I have come back to say hurray for the art hound-- but now that you see how she'll be, you can MAYBE get her into the gig at the beach? Sounds like a wet business either way?

I happily keep enlarging the painting to look at these clouds.