Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Little Boat, Misty Morning

Little Boat, Misty Morning
Oil on Wooden Panel
15cm x 20cm or 6in x 8in
Still misty morning, the air barely moving, just a breath of damp spring mist rising off the river. Silence, bird calls muffled in the mist, lapping water softened. I think in whispers, the dogs breathing is too loud!


Elizabeth Seaver said...

Yes, the peace is palpable in your painting. It is just lovely. (I can't hear the dog breathing at all!)

Sharon said...

Beautifully atmospheric. I live ibeside a river in Oregon and I'm always thinking about painting it, but my efforts have been less than successful. Your work is inspiring. I particularly like the paintings of tree limbs with the river behind. Lovely work.

simon said...

stunning work Sarah!