Sunday, April 05, 2009

Rope & Shadow

Rope & Shadow
15cm x 30cm or 6in x 12in
Oil on Wooden Panel

I couldn't help it, once the sketchbook was in my hand I just carried on, and what a pleasure it is to paint. There is work and life and everything else and then there is painting. For me this is the place where I forget where I begin and end... my breathing space.
This piece was a fine example, wandering through the abstract shapes, lines and colours, seeing how light changes colour, looking at representing textures. Now I feel like a new person, refreshed and full of energy.
Beside the Wave gallery have just put the preview catalogue for the Easter Show on line and I was very happy to see that all three of my paintings have sold already! I had better put my burst of spring energy to good use and get painting.


annie said...

Congratulations, Sarah, on selling your paintings. I'm not far enough along to have things in a gallery so it's out of my experience, but don't you miss them when they are gone, even if they do go to good homes?

René PleinAir. said...

Congrats Sarah!

A great story as well I can feel exactly the same,to paint those boats plein air is even more addictive then plein air painting alone, ... you should try them while floating in still waters, ...

This one just great the oxide spots and the fine pinkish color, awesome.

Go girl go! :-D

vivien said...

I love those abstract shapes and light in this

and congratulations on the sales - no surprise as they are beautiful and very very evocative of the area

I can really relate to the not knowing where you begin and end when painting - lost and entirely absorbed and content :>)

Cheryl Pass said...

Great job on a very difficult subject....skillfully done, Sarah!
I am never brave enough to tackle all of that rigging..too tough for me! Good going on the sales, too...

Lynne said...

Congratulations - I love your paintings, can almost smell the sea breeze.
I have just started with oil paints, could you recommend a book to get me going?

Lindsay said...

How beautiful! Your painting and your boat. Congrats and Happy Spring. It's almost time for us to dust off our canoe...Can't wait.