Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom
Oil on gessoed card invitation
18cm x 12cm (7" x 4.5")
Every year the cherry blossom transforms the most mundane of streets into a boudoir of frothy pinks. Petals drift on the wind like perfumed snow and I feel as if I am living in a Japanese art-house film! I meander with my head in the clouds muttering "the colours, the colours" like Marlon Brando in a more positive frame of mind (Apocalypse Now)!
Well, that was all a bit filmick!
This is the second, painting for auction.


Laureline said...

Stunning!! This is the best use of red in a painting I've ever seen! You are a divine colorist, Sarah! Sorry for all the !!!s, but they are mandatory in this case ;D.

annie said...

Yes, indeed mandatory!!!!!!!!!!