Monday, May 18, 2009

Nare Point, the sketch

Nare Point.
Large moleskine sketchbook

Thought it might be interesting to show the sketchbook painting that contributed to the painting below. I am always fascinated by the different results when using either watercolour or oil, totally different mood sometimes.


tlc illustration said...

I love seeing the same pieces done in different mediums/formats. Each has its own pros and cons I suppose - hard to pick a favorite.

DeeJay said...

Indeed, this has a different mood: the coastal shower corresponds closely with my recent experience of Cornwall! Despite the title, I didn't see the cows on the ridge in the oil.

The coastline of the main island of Great Britain is about 11,000 miles (Ordnance Survey) - to me it is remarkable that you can capture the uniqueness of 100 yards or so to the extent that it can be identified with certainty on an OS map.

shicat said...

Amazing, such a different feel indeed.