Tuesday, June 09, 2009

E.M.Wimperis. A Sketchbook

In about one month I will be a half century, or half a hundred. My parents have given me a present. Two note books that have been put together by my great grandfather containing the loose sketches of his father, my Great Great Grandfather, Edmund Morison Wimperis.
He was born in 1835 and died in 1900 and he was an artist and vice president of the Royal Institute of Artists.
So over the next few weeks I shall show this collection of beautiful sketches here.

Click on the pictures for a better view.


annie said...

What a treasre and what a gift, Sarah. Thank you so much for sharing. We are just walking into the past, aren't we?

vivien said...

what a great gift - and happy birthday!

I really like the sketches of yours in your next post too.

June said...

You lucky girl, to receive such a treasure of a gift.
He would be so happy to know his work was giving another family artist such pleasure. And probably rather amazed to find it was being shown and apreciated around the world!