Saturday, June 13, 2009

Harlech Castle, A Figure and Two Rivers

I am struck by how empty the landscape seems, not many roads, no houses, just occasionally a horse. In just over a hundred years so much is so very different. Although I knew that was the case it is only looking at these small sketches that it sinks in. I really think that sketchbooks have that power, to take you by the hand and transport you right there, sitting next to the artist as he or she makes their marks and records that filament of time.
This is the message, keep on keeping those sketchbooks, one day a hundred and thirty years later your great great granddaughter will be sitting quietly beside you, seeing what you see and feeling a connection across the years.

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Anonymous said...

Sarah, thank you so much for sharing these amazing sketchbooks. I've been a silent fan of yours, following your various blogs for a while now. My two passions are drawing & painting (not in your league!) and family history. I completely understand the 'connection' thing and I confess I shed a tear on seeing these posts.
Thank you again. Sarah (another one!)