Saturday, June 27, 2009

Leaf and Light (and Cheering Up)

Leaf and Light
Oil on gessoed board.
20cm x 60cm or 8 inches x 24 inches
Carrying on with the leaves and light thing. In all honesty in this hot summer weather I seem to be drawn to deep pools of leafy shade.
Right now I am in need of some comfort painting. These woodland paintings are like mashed potato or buttered toast, comfort food, but not as fattening. I retreat to the woods when I am feeling vulnerable and fed up.
Why am I fed up? Because I paid hard earned cash, painted my earnest little soul out, made two honest paintings, got them beautifully framed, met the courier van and let my babies go up to the big city to be held up and judged as not good enough to get into the Exhibition for the Threadneedle Prize. I have on a few occasions tried to get into one of these juried exhibitions, every time I think I have got it right, I have conveniently forgotten the crushing sense of abject failure that descends for a day or so. Bit like childbirth, it hurts but one often forgets that bit and goes back for more. Anyway I have now decided that I wont be doing it again. Obviously my style doesn't fit into some slot or other and I really do not like the slap in the face. I have made my living from my art for at least 30 years now so maybe I should take heart from that fact and carry on working away. Doing my own thing.


Pam Johnson Brickell said...

Hang your head high, girl. Proof in the pudding is that you have made a living for over 30 years. And, for this reader and fellow artisan, seeing a glimpse of where you live, and your new boat, I would say you are doing quite well. So many artist create, how many can say they consistently sell?? How many can create the beautiful multi-media pieces you do?

In my book, your talents and approach to art are top shelf. You are able to take your God given talents and celebrate each day with them - no matter the weather!

Go, girl! You are an inspiration! Hanging out in the shade is always good for the soul, though :)

You are saying it's hot. Here too. SC low country is in the high 90's with heat indexes well over 100. Shade is mandatory :) Thank goodness for AC!

vivien said...

Your work is BEAUTIFUL.

These shows are highly competitive, the odds are stacked against you, they judge yes/no in about 10 seconds flat as they have so many to get through ....

it really doesn't result in the best being selected

rejection is tough :>( and you'll never know if you missed it by a whisker simply because they had too many or were simply dismissed instantly - I hate that aspect

- unlike you I've never put my hard earned cash on the line to try for a London open. So well done for going for it.

rob ijbema said...

i love these looking up green studies sarah!
juried shows aaargh who needs them
your work speaks for itself

René PleinAir. said...

For me you one of the best!!

These leaf things are just awesome, so leaf :-D them soaking in their own mash, they really don't know what their missing!!

And your soooo right doing what you do best, and enjoy the most, you have plenty of time showing your work when you died.

Cheer up, brave little "bosnimf" with your red shoes!!

Jeanette said...

I understand your frustration about juried shows. I look at the list of judges and at what is chosen in previous years and its inevitable that the judge's own preferences are what drives the acceptance in so many cases.

Your work stands on its own, is accepted, admired and purchased. These new pieces of leaf canopies are so cool and refreshing to view. Keep going! To heck with London shows.

simon said...

you know what? I think most of those things are rigged anyway.

I have seen awful paintings get up and win, usually ( later on) by someone who knows someone.

SOOOO do not stress. I am enjoying your paintings!

harrybell said...

Commiserations. I was turned down too. I remain confident in the worth of my work, but it'll be interesting to see what gets selected. Most of the shortlisted works last year had an element of the "concept" about them, which mine lack, although I don't actually see it as a "lack".

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

I'm new to your blog and I like your restful paintings. Oh, oh, I know the feeling of rejection. Recently I was flattened when my paintings and powerpoint presentation were rejected in the third round for an exhibition - and they were good! Or so I thought! We are vulnerable to judgment eh!

black bear cabin said...

So many wonderful comments from so many talented artists!
For the most part, i believe these shows are for folks to get their name out there and get discovered....
youve already done that :)
30 years as an artist is awesome!!! i agree with Jeannette...the judges own tastes influence their choices...that can be tough if your work is so different from theirs. least you had the guts to give it a go...most folks dont even do that! Your work is beautiful!

doreyme said...

Amen! Your work is astounding, altho I do share your pain. I wasn't (TWICE) able to get into the Toronto Outdoor Art Fair. Some of their stuff is absolutely atrocious + they wouldn't let me in. The first year I attributed it to my Montreal address. The second year I used my daughter's TO address. Still no go. It still rankles...Edith