Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Leaf Study With Green

Leaf Study With Green
40 cm x 27 cm or 15.7 inches x 10.6 inches
Just hanging about with some leaves, trying to get the green light thing going, splashing about in the cool green woods.
I love greens, once an idiot tried to tell me that veridian was a hideous and almost illegal colour! Ha! What did he know! Since that unfortunate conversation I use it at every opportunity. I don't think that it is possible to have a hideous colour, especially not a green one! Splash them about, wallow in those cool greens.


Maria Boehm said...

I love all of your drawings, and your sketchbook is amazing. The greens in this piece are WOW..i want to say more but I'm speechless.

Cathy Gatland said...

This is wonderful. Greens do seem to be more diverse and varied than any other colour to my eye, and I <3 viridian too!

laura said...

Gorgeous--that white light is brilliant, and the greens so luscious and various: it's a fascinating picture!

KEITH PROCTOR Daily painting blog said...

To answer your question on my blog , I did not get past the selection board, there was 1700 entries and 80 got accepted.
£15 x 1700 is a lot of cash ! makes you wonder !
I was going to enter another( The National Open art compertition) @ £20 per entry but have had second thoughts.
I have placed a link on my blog to yours . Happy Painting , Cheers Keith.