Saturday, June 13, 2009

Summer Field

Summer Field
Oil on wooden block
20cm x 15cm or 8 inches x 6 inches

Follow the footpath that takes you to Frenchman's Creek. Walk through the dark woods, out into the bright meadows of Kestle Farm, past the jostling crowds of summer flowers. The tall daises vie for your attention with golden buttercups. Little shouts of bluest cornflower, like specks of fallen sky and hundreds of different grasses knocking summers pollen dust onto bare feet. This is a field like I remember fields were years ago, a rich tapestry of texture, detail fading into brushstrokes, swathes of delicate summer colours.


vivien said...

and the flowers are the other side of Cornwall that I love

very evocative :>)

David said...

For me, for me, for me; formidable!
Have a lovely summer!
Meilleurs voeux from sunny France

betty said...

I love the feel of the flowers and countryside. nice work!