Friday, June 12, 2009

Track to Penarvon Cove

Track to Penarvon Cove  SOLD
Oil on gessoed board
15cm x 30cm or 6inches x 12 inches

The Helford river is nibbled with tiny hidden coves, creeks and beaches. Tracks and paths lead to some of them, others are only approachable by boat. There is a sense of discovering treasure when a path through the woods opens out onto the river or to the open sea. This time of year the trees offer cool and shady tunnels of velvet green through to the sun beaten beaches where the drying seaweed offers up the scents of childhood summers.


Elizabeth Seaver said...

What a lovely painting and description of the place.

Cathyann said...

Your visual poetry speaks to the restorative qualities of nature. This is beautiful.

Suma CM said...

Gorgeous painting - beautiful composition.

Lindsay said...

I like this one too, very much. You make the edges of the leaves/sky look so lacy. Are you working wet into wet? Or do you let the painting dry out a bit before putting the sky holes in.