Sunday, September 06, 2009

The Night Garden

The Night Garden   SOLD
40cm x 40cm or 16inches x 16 inches

By the light of a full moon a garden becomes the stuff of fairy tales. It is perfectly possible to imagine all manner of magical beings inhabiting a world such as this. The tall bamboos and the giant gunnera all conspire to invert your own sense of scale, the silvery light throws unexpected shadows and conjure up another time.
This was a little sneaky of me to go here after dark but a bit of stealthy paddling and a tiptoe across a pebbly beach opened up such riches that I couldn't resist... I took nothing, only memories, some sketches and I left a few wet footprints, that's all.

Detail showing the white bridge, now an inky silhoutte

Detail showing the moon as she peeps through a troubled sky.


black bear cabin said...

i love this piece...its so magical! Gorgeous!!! :)

DJ said...

Just found your blog via "A Painting Today" and I like your artwork.
Your lights are very effectively done, and I'm intrigued by your subject matter.
I'll be back...

Mineke Reinders said...

So mysterious... I can imagine that it was irresistible. Beautiful work.