Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Free Gift!

This is part of a little card cut-out house that you can print out and use (or rather, any small person that you know who would enjoy it)
It is a free gift and is available on Hand and I.  It is a little thank-you and a promotional piece.  I have started a new blog which only shows illustration work as well as an Etsy Shop to sell prints and a Facebook fan page to generate more passers by.  If you havent joined it yet then please do, it all helps!  I am also working on an advent calender which will go up on Hand and I every day untill Christmas.  So if you like that kind of thing go there to see it on December 1st.


dominique eichi said...

I came by from Making a Mark ....... Congratulations.
YOur work is lovely. I love sketching too.

Anonymous said...

This is a lovely idea. Thank you very much.