Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Last Leaves

The Last Leaves
25cm x 21.5cm or 10 inches x 8.5inches

Autumn departs in a huff, slamming the door behind her.  The last leaves cling to the trees, suddenly they are gone, skittering off across the landscape.  Wild winds whip us into red cheeked hespres's as we walk, witches laughter lost to the turbulant sky.  Every tree becomes a home to hob goblins, his brushes busy,  Arthur Rackham has drawn this world and I love it.
I am out and about every day with my sketchbook and sometimes I brave the weather for a bit longer and make an attempt at a painting.  Vivien has a post on working-plein-air, she highlights some of the difficulties involved.  This is one such effort and for the watercolour freaks out there if you click on this image you should be able to see all the colours and brush-marks.
Blogger has new features, some of them are great but I mourne the loss of the spell checker and would like to apologise for any mistakes I make, spelling is not one of my skills!


Anonymous said...

This piece is exquisite. Lovely soft muted colors and perfect trees and foliage for an enchanting result.

Sam said...

Tis lovely Sarah.. but i know tis the elves that do it all while you while away the hours doing Wii Yoga with your faithful chocolat lab (..she needs to work on her cat stretches..)and drinking coffee..seriously how do u do it all you clever thing -proud and inspired to be your friend!!xxSam

René PleinAir. said...

Pfieuw, ... I have to stop watching now, what a evening!

Thanks for the nice evening again Sarah, well worth going through your blog again.