Monday, January 11, 2010

Early Morning in Snowland

Early Morning in Snowland
50 cm x 20 cm or 20 inches x 8 inches

We dont often get snow in Cornwall, when it happens everyone goes mad.  Shops empty, bread and milk are quickly snapped up.  People talk to their neighbours, help each other accross icy roads, meet up in the pub for a warming lunchtime drink.  Kids are all off school and whole families go sledging, Dads and Mums unable to go to work spend "quality time" hurtling down slopes on firtilizer bags with their delighted children.  It is fantastic.  I wish that we closed normal life more often.  What about heavy rain, we could all stay in reading books, eating toast and watching old films, or going for walks through puddles all wrapped up in raincoats.  When it is really hot everyone could have a picnick day, sit in a park under the shade of trees while kids play in paddling pools which would be supplied by the council, you would be legally obliged to have bar-b-ques with people in your street that you had barely spoken to, since the last snow day.
Anyway I love this snow thing and have been trying to make the most of a different looking landscape.  This is an early morning one, just as the sun is colouring the sky and splashing the most suprising colours on the frozen fields.  I am tired of titles which is why this has a silly one, I would accept any suggestions for a better "official" title for this painting!


Crafty Green Poet said...

this is a stunning painting, you've really captured all the subtle colours that are around in the snowy landscape.

tlawwife said...

My favorite childhood memories are when we got blizzards and couldn't go outside to work so we made doughnuts and had them spread out all over the kitchen to raise. Then we sat around playing board games. Loved it.

Anonymous said...

What about: Snowy, ice, magic fun world?

Katherine Tyrrell said...

Nice post Sarah - both text and image. I'm afraid I am completely useless at titles unless it comes to me straight away.

Anonymous said...

Alright maybe: monkey dancing with small owl?