Monday, January 04, 2010

Learning How To Fly!

Creek Walk  SOLD
35cm x 77cm or 13.5 inches x 30.25 inches

This is the first painting of my new year, new project.
I am organising some flights to get a new perspective on places that I know well, I would really like to learn to fly but that might be a little ambitious. 
Recently I have found myself being attracted to higher viewpoints, huge vistas, tops of towers.  Searching for a bigger view I started looking at ariel photographs and maps and became fascinated by the shapes and patterns in the landscape.
So I am planning a few paintings like this, combining them with little field sketches so that they become like maps, image maps, mind maps.  This is the first, of Frenchman's Creek, one of my favorite walks, with the tide out and the river little more than a vein in the mud.  Below are some details of the painting.
I also wanted to let the watercolour make some descisions, building up layers of colour, letting colours work together or repel each other, scrubbing out some areas and painting back, so that ghosts of paint marks are left.  Just as ghosts of workings are etched upon the landscape, old field patterns remain only really visible from the air.

So thats the plan, I am taking to the air!


Jeanette said...

What a great idea! The whole landscape looks so different from above. These are wonderful!

Hillary said...

I love this, it echoes for me. So often the view from above is the last place I get to see from. I do hope you keep going, it will be so interesting watching developments.

René PleinAir. said...

It looks like you misunderstood the meaning of plein air, ... but I like it a lot.

A great year for you Sarah, with lots and lots of new watercolours!!

shicat said...

Ah the shapes become the essence of the painting. I look forward to the flight!

Pam Johnson Brickell said...

Soar high! I'm so excited to see your love of the land shine through in these upcoming paintings.