Monday, February 15, 2010

Cliff Study

Cliff Study
7cm x 10cm or 3inches x 4inches (approx)

Due to a lot of illustration work I have not been painting enough for my own sanity.  Yesterday it all got too much so I ran away to sea, paints and paper in hand and spent a lovely few hours in the early spring sunshine making little pictures. 
For the next few days that is what you will see, a whole bunch of little images, some OK, some good and some indifferent.  The point isnt the quality, it is doing them...and I feel so much better, soothed in the bonce, my brain has been removed, washed down with spring water, polished and put back...ahhh!


Sue said...

Loving the idea of the brain being washed down! It's purely self-defence. Good luck with the illo stuff...I'm chained down again too.

Nancy Van Blaricom said...

So glad you got to run away with your paints ... this is beautiful ... you always make it look easy.