Sunday, April 25, 2010

Beyond Shines the Sea

Beyond Shines The Sea  SOLD
Oil on Wooden Panel
40 cm x 50 cm  or 15.7 inches x 19.68 inches

Another dip into summer.  This is summer in Cornwall, childhood summers that were hot and endless.  This is that moment when you have been walking through the dark woods, legs sunburnt and scratched, your eyes are accustomed to the green light.  Plants and trees are filling your senses, little specks of brilliant colour seem to glow in the greeny shadows, like luminous fairies.  You look up from this cool English jungle to see, beyond the gate, a hot dry field and then the shining sea.


Nancy Van Blaricom said...

Absolutely beautiful. I am a kid once again, running for the sun from the cool brush. I'm thrilled to find a painting that brings such emotion. Beautiful work. This is what all paintings should do for a viewer.

Judy McLaren said...

Absolutely gorgeous.

Yellow said...

This is stunning. I can smell the cool green leaves & if I close my eyes and move my head slightly, then the dappled sunlight flitters on my eyelids. Magical.