Monday, April 12, 2010

Looking South

Looking South
84 cm x 79 cm or 33 inches x 29 inches
This is the wall of the old lifeboat house down at Lizard point, the most southerly part of England.  It is a grim and grey cove, none of the blue sky and sandy beaches that Cornwall usually brings to mind but I really like the colours and textures both on the rust stained concrete walls of the lifeboat house and the kelp strewn beach.  There is a steep slip with some small boats and a huge amount of inspiration if you are looking for texture and colour.  The figures on the beach help to give an idea of how the building dominates the little cove. 
I decided to make this another big painting and will put a few pictures over on Watermarks which will really show the size of it.


Elizabeth Seaver said...

Wow. The drama in your painting is just fabulous. I, too, love the textures you've captured on the wall and the cold spray of the water. Brave souls to be standing where they are!

rob ijbema said...

excellent sarah,texture drama and atmosphere in buckets!