Wednesday, April 28, 2010

No Diving

No Diving
Pure Watercolour
76 cm x 58 cm or 30 inches x 23 inches

This little boat sits just outside the big wooden doors of the old lifeboat house down at Lizard Point.  There are so many gorgeous colours, the rust stains, scuffed fiber-glass and old paint.  There are so many fabulous textures, stone, old wood, rope, metal, concrete.  When I see things like this I can feel my heart beating too fast, I get butterflies, almost a mini panic attack, but its not panic, it is a bit like an adrenalin rush... about a potential painting!  The feeling carries on while I am painting, if you were to ring me up while I was painting and I sounded strange that is why, I am in the zone, on my own personal drug of choice, flying with watercolours and beautiful paper and wonderful brushes, breath-less and a little crazed!  This one has taken days, now I am exhausted!


Yellow said...

This is astonishing. So much depth of colour, and the the contrast. Just amazing.

Robin Neudorfer said...

Love the abstract composition and the contrast of color. Great work.

stavrina said...

very beautiful. it reminds me of the animated film "the Triplets of Bellevile" for some reason. Which makes it even better

DweezelJazz said...

This is a beautiful painting - I love your work, and it's really amazing to see how each one is different. Your art moves and evolves and is very special. Thank you for sharing.