Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Allotment (finished)

(Finished ) Official size: 80 cm x 95 cm
Pure Watercolour

It is strange how taking a photograph of a painting makes you see bits that need changing.  Yesterday, after a little boat trip and some "time out" I came back to this painting, checked it over in a mirror and decided to do a bit more.  I wanted to make it feel hotter, so I have knocked back some areas by misting water and paint at them then glazed over others with a clear but hot (to me) blue, it is Antwerp Blue, and always reminds me of the deep pools of shade made by a hot summer sun.
It has worked for me anyway!  Here I am,  painting away, just to give you some idea of the scale of the painting.
I have decided to make a page on my web site for commissions, portraits etc and one of the things on offer will be "garden portraits" Good idea? What do you think?


Robin said...

I love this painting!!!! Great depth. It looks like such a lush garden spot.

black bear cabin said...

gorgeous!!! wonderful colors, great subject wonder it sold :) thanks for the "scale" not that great at visualizing centimeters ;) (no doubt, an american thing) hehehehe

K Spoering said...

Beautiful difference with the Antwerp blue! I like the idea of garden portraits, too.