Monday, May 03, 2010

Fleet Street

Fleet Street
pure watercolour
38 cm x 54 cm or 15 inches x 21 inches.

This is, apparently, where The Beano was published, obviously it was something to do with the Sunday Post and the People's Friend, the building I mean..  I used to love the Beano and the Dad of one of my friends at school, years ago, when I was of Beano reading age, was the artist who drew the Bash Street Kids, Leo Baxendale.  Of course I didnt call him Leo then, or even anything at all, but I do remember thinking that he must have possibly the best job in the whole world!
Anyway, this makes a change from trees, sea and boats.
Also, has anyone any idea how to take pictures of pictures with the lines appearing straight? I cant do it!

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Elizabeth Seaver said...

The textures in your painting are just wonderful!