Monday, June 14, 2010

London Garden

London Garden
Pure Watercolour
81cm x 100cm or 32 inches x 40 inches.

It is a summer morning in this oasis of green calm.  A bubble of peace in a noisy world.  This garden holds, like many others, a jumble of plants.  Some carefully chosen after a visit to a garden center, some left overs from a previous gardener.  Others creeping in, borne on the wind, growing quietly, unnoticed, lifting heavy paving with tender green shoots, softening the hard edges.  People need gardens, parks, a pot with a plant, they need green, to soothe and calm, to marinate the soul and to breathe out.  This is the house where I stay when I visit London and after a day scuttling around on hot pavements, through crowds of people this is perfect to come back to.  It is a retreat.
Another large watercolour, I shall live with it on the easel for a while, until I am sure it is really finished... I think it is but you never know!


Margaret Bednar said...

I adore the brick work! What a lovely place to relax - lucky you.

black bear cabin said...

another beautiful piece...i LOVE your work! :)