Monday, June 28, 2010

Mop Bucket

Mop Bucket
Pure Watercolour
24.5 cm x 40.5cm or 10 inches x 16 inches
That is an approximate measurement of the actual image, I like the edges and splashes very much so they are staying with this painting.

This is one of those forgotten corners that every garden has tucked away behind the shed or greenhouse.  Here is an old rusting mop bucket, a couple of pots with plants struggling on, the water butt and a pile of chicken wire tangled through with last years grass.  All those textures and patterns, I couldn't resist but this nonchalant assemblage has taken some very hard concentration on my part, that wire for a start, then all the little holes in the shade mesh, blackberry leaves in the dark shade...phew, I need a drink!


Julie Broom said...

incredible, Sarah, you really deserve a drink. I'm loving your latest garden pieces - they are a wonderful combination of texture, colour and intrigue.

Sue said...

Love those textures!

vivien said...

you've earned it! this is superb!

Katherine Tyrrell said...

Vivien has just sent me over to take a look - this is fabulous. You're definitely on a roll!

Are you going to have an exhibition of garden paintings?

Sarah Wimperis said...

Thanks you all. One day maybe Katherine, at the moment Beside the Wave are only interested in sea/cornwall paintings so I am looking for another gallery that would be interested in the garden side of me!But as I dont go out much!! I dont know of any that "do" garden inspired painting...anyone know of any?

Nicholas Blanning said...