Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Raspberry Canes

Raspberry Canes
Pure Watercolour
55 cm x 40 cm or 21.7 inches x 15.7 inches

I love the light just clipping the little bits of string and chicken wire, bouncing off a few leaves and the general jungly jumble.  I can just imagine ferriting around in this lot finding juicy ripe raspberries and eating them, still warm from the sun.  A summer feast, alone with just the buzzing insects and far away, perhaps, the sound of grass being cut, or maybe kids playing... but very far away!


Margaret Bednar said...

You have done an amazing job on the foreground shrubbery - amazing light and perfect amount of detail without being fussy. Charming.

SKIZO said...



Shirley said...

Wow, your work is simply awesome! I found you via the ripple cause and just had to visit - gorgeous work!

Susan said...

lovely - you can just smell the heat of the sun on the green leaves...really captures summer.

Katherine Tyrrell said...

Gorgeous work - it'll go very nicely with that bran new statement! ;)