Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Light Through Waves

Light Through Waves
Pure Watercolour
56 cm x 42 cm or 22 inches x 16,5 inches

At last, a day to enjoy painting just for the sake of it.  I love "contra jour" I like the help it gives the artist, blocking out fiddly details and reducing things to suggestions, a flick of light can describe a whole boat, a figure becomes just a few blobs of paint.  Then, wow!  What a treat awaits within the waves, vivid colours, luminous turquoise, splashes of viridian, beautiful.
To see where this windswept slipway is just click on the location link below.


D.D said...

Beautiful. Used the colours very brilliantly.

Sue said...

I love sunlight through waves, too. It really makes an evening bellyboard session special. You've caught the light just right!

vivien said...

absolutely beautiful - I too love that contre jour glow and you've caught it so well.

DweezelJazz said...

Wow, this is stunningly beautiful. Your artwork is continually evolving, growing, and even more expressive. Very inspiring.

Barbara Philip said...

I love this balance of light and dark elements! It is superb! It feels like those rare paintings where one is truly inspired :)