Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Autumn on The River

Autumn on The River
43 cm x 28 cm or 17 inches x 28 inches

The river, on a beautiful afternoon in autumn.  The water is still in places, carrying deep smooth reflections.  Ripples break the glassy surface where fish feed on low flying insects, or where the river flows over a hidden channel.  The tide turns, changing the patterns like someone tuning an old radio.  The changing leaves halo the trees and smoke from an autumn bonfire softens colours.

Detail from the painting.


Julie Oakley said...

In this busy world and with RSS feeds we really don't spend the time we should showing appreciation. Anyway I just wanted to say this is pretty damn gorgeous. I love the sparkly reflections in the middle and the smoke and the way the autumnal brown of the trees contrasts with the blue of the water.
Actually I could say that about so much of your stuff. I just hope that art buyers appreciate how wonderful your paintings are.

Sarah Wimperis said...

Thank you very much Julie, I dont spend enough time thanking people for their comments which are very much appreciated indeed!

Aubrey Studebaker said...

You have ninja watercolor skills! Beautiful!

rob ijbema said...

the water is spectacular!

Margaret Bednar said...

I always love stopping buy and looking at your work. I thought this was a photo at first the light is so well captured.